What is Covert Gaming?

Covert Gaming is a platform of diverse individuals who share the same passion for sharing ideas, exchanging services, providing help to others and of course gaming! We subscribe to the “Pay It Forward” concept when conducting our relationships and interactions with people. We’re a small community of like-minded enthusiasts that want to provide a safe place for people to express their creative differences and similarities. Although our group is small, were always looking to add new contributors to our cause.

So why “Gaming” in the name if you are an outreach community?

Simple… We love to game!!! We have found that it has provided a wonderful avenue for building the relationships and camaraderie needed to grow the community and its individuals.

Who Started Covert Gaming?

Covert Gaming, originally known as (Covert Crisis Gaming) was founded by Lincoln. He started his first Covert Gaming Clan back in 2008. The first game server that was spun up in the CG name was Counter Strike 1.6. Today he operates a couple Rust Servers as well as some private development Minecraft servers. Many people have joined the Covert Gaming cause since then and the name and legacy continues to live on.

Can I Join Covert Gaming?

Of course you can! A good place to start would be joining our Discord server. Be kind, respectful, and courteous to other and you’ll fit right in.