We welcome and encourage co-endorsements for other channels, streams, communities and enthusiasts. All endorsers affiliated with Covert Gaming share the same ideology, values and morale compass that of our community. Although small, our Covert Gaming family continues to grow with the help of great people with even greater talents! Thank you to everyone who supports us and believes in what were doing!

How Do I Become An Endorser?

All endorsement decisions are scrutinized based on the following criteria:

• Type of creator content, material and media.
• Personality of the creator and their following.
• Longevity of the streamer or creator.
• Suitable media for most audiences.
• Shares the same ideology, values and moral compass that of Covert Gaming.

❤️ Meet The Family ❤️

Jason Lewis

Hello everybody my name is Jason and I am a Rust youtuber that designs a range of different base designs for all different group sizes and players. I have an amazing community on my channel and I'm hoping to build it up. Hopefully you will enjoy my content and find it useful! I would also appreciate any feedback you can give me to make my content better for the future! Enjoy.