Welcome to New Horizons

New Horizons is 100% a creative/build server! We have attentive admins and a flourishing community of dedicated builders and concept designers. Push Rust to its creative limits and discover the next cool design. Community build projects are always ongoing. We give our players free reign over the map and all the resources you could ever need right out of the gate.

What Features Are On New Horizons?

 • Automatic Upgrades
 • Building Cost
 • Clear Inventory
 • Crosshairs
 • Custom time & weather
 • Fly
 • Friends
 • God mode
 • Homes

• Kits
• Menu GUI
• Ranks
• Skin Shop
• Spawn all vehicles
• Spawn Elevators
• Spawn hot air balloons
• Teleport
• Toggle stability

How Do I Connect?